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    The ZIPZERO Team

    Hello there,

    To clarify, what you currently have ‘Pending’ in your ZIPZERO wallet are ‘Base Units’. However, Base Units are not enough on their own to make payments as we intended in the old ZIPZERO app.

    Void Payments - ‘Why can’t I make a payment?’
    Now, we receive commission from Premium online retailers we have partnered with to provide you funds to pay your utility bills. Therefore, you must shop online via the ZIPZERO app to earn 'Premium units' needed to have at least £5 ‘Available’ to make a payment to your biller.

    Any payments you've made solely with Base Units would have been voided and the Units returned to the receipts in your ZIPZERO wallet, with the status of ‘Pending’.

    Pending Units - 'How do I make my Pending Base reward units Available?’
    Your Base Units go from ‘Pending’ to ‘Available’ as soon as you have the equivalent amount in Premium Units available in your ZIPZERO wallet. In short, £2.50 in Base Units becomes available as soon as you have £2.50 in Premium Units ‘Available’ — giving you a total of £5 available for your first bill payment. 

    You can earn Premium Rewards of between 0.5-8% (on average) which is a lot more than what Base Units are worth! So it won't take long to accumulate the £5 needed to start paying bills.

    Select the online shopping tab and type the name of a retailer or 'shop' in the search bar.

    When you find your desired brand, you must click ‘GET THIS OFFER NOW’. Once you have completed your purchase using the link generated via the app, then forward the email confirmation of your purchase from your email address to your unique ZIPZERO email address (TYPE YOUR CUSTOMER 

    When you follow all these steps, it will take us 7 days to process and a grace period before your units are 'Available' to make a payment! For more, watch our quick tutorial on YouTube:

    We acknowledge that this is a significant shift from how the app has worked up until now. So, if you don't want to shop online, you can always continue scanning receipts and wait for when we make in-store shopping a way to earn Premium rewards in the first quarter of 2022. Your receipts earnings will not expire for 36 months. Rest assured, your current balance has not been lost. 

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