Complete waste of time




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    The ZIPZERO Team

    Hi Michael,

    We acknowledge that this is a significant shift from how the app has worked up until now but the restructuring was the only way we were able to keep the business running.

    However, we are planning to launch a feature where you will be able to receive Premium Reward Units for in-store shopping (receipt scanning) in the first quarter of 2022.

    We had to start somewhere so this is really only the beginning for ZIPZERO and we look forward to offering even better rewards soon.

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    I completely agree with Michael. Unfortunately, this is not workable. I think I'll just leave it as well.

    Process flows would help people understand what you want us to do to earn rewards. This would be better than giving reams of text. Additionally, none of the shops that I buy things from are on the online shopping lists.

    All the best anyway. Not for me.

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