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    Hello Stephen,

    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    We'd be happy to look into the Amazon purchases that have been pending since January and the purchases that have not gone through.

    Please send an email to with the dates of these purchases or screenshot the details of these purchases within the ZIPZERO app and we can investigate.

    We look forward to hearing back from you and solving this issue.

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    My Amazon purchases are being rejected to and from their communication we should be getting recognised for all out online purchases simply by sending our confirmations:

    “Users can now earn rewards for all of their shopping trips - snap your in-store shopping receipts or send any online purchase confirmations to your ZIPZERO email address and earn funds to pay your monthly bills!”

    It seems they are picking and choosing their own processes again.

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    Practically, to release the earning already earned you've to give them even more receipts... and the grace period for receipts that already are 2 years old is adding even more insult to injury.
    I've 15p since December.
    I'll never see my £30 ... I feel scammed more than if zipzero simply had gone bust.. or burst !

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